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The Ellen G. White (EGW) Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Research Centre at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) collects and preserves Ellen White’s writings as well as other materials relevant to SDA theology and history. Supportive and critical materials are included.  We also produce research, present seminars, and answer questions about Ellen White and SDA history and theology.

 The EGW-SDA RC is the second research centre in the Inter-American Division (IAD) of SDAs. As such its JA$ 6.5 million annual budget is funded by a partnership of the IAD, West Indies Union (WIU) and NCU.  

The IAD provided the materials for the centre and provides the Director’s salary and overseas travel budget. The WIU and NCU support most of the remainder of our budget.  

In order to maximize our ability to serve you, the Research Centre will raise 1 million Jamaican dollars each year to supplement our budget. We will do this by collecting donations of $1000 from those who become members of our Spirit of Prophecy Association.  

There are three groups of members. First, regular members may be sponsored by an institution. For example, some Spirit of Prophecy coordinators may be sponsored by their churches. Second, regular membership fees may be contributed by purchasing materials from the centre.  Third, fees or larger contributions may be donated to the centre by members who are called benefactors.

Membership Package

Membership in the Spirit of prophecy Association may be maintained by a yearly membership fee of J$1,000 or US$20. We encourage churches and institutions to consider sponsoring their Spirit of Prophecy Coordinators. Some members, called Benefactors, have donated more than the membership fee. Others maintain their membership by purchasing fascinating materials from our Document File.

You are welcome to window-shop by browsing through our thousands of documents. Alternatively, you may purchase the following J$1,000 DISCOUNTED PACKAGED recommended by our Director.

  • A brief Biography of Ellen G. White $60
  •  The Bible and the Bible Only, Relationship to the Writings of Ellen G. White $180
  • Charismatic Experiences in the SDA Church: Present, and Future:  $30
  •  Hermeneutics: Interpreting a 19th Century Prophet in the Space Age  $80
  • Statements Regarding Christmas and Holiday Gifts $50
  •  Music: Its Role, Qualities and Influence $140
  • Statements Concerning Cancer $25
  •  Ellen White Predictions $45
  • Was Ellen G. White a Plagiarist? $40
  •  The Integrity of the Sanctuary Truth $150
  • The Visions of Ellen G. White $55
  •  Ellen G. White and the Role of Women in the Church $105
  • Shall I Exercise the Right to Vote? $40


Please fill out and send this membership coupon to the EGW-SDA Research Centre.
(Place a check mark beside the statements that indicates your decision)

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