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Did you know that...

  • During her ministry, Ellen G. White wrote more than 100,000 pages. A total of more than 25 million words.
  • The text most often referred to in Ellen White writings is Matthew 5:14-16. She mentions it 264 times. The text refers to Christians as "the light of the world."

  • Ellen G. White "believed in periods of recreation, and spent several portions of summers relaxing in the Colorado Rockies, a favourite retreat. There you might find the family horseback riding, enjoying a picnic by a rushing stream or lying on a blanket reading or even sleeping." Phillys Bailey, Fascinating Facts about the Spirit of Prophecy (Hagerstown, MD: Review and Herald, 1983), 8.

  • During her life, Ellen White pursued informal education through reading and extensive travel. She amassed a personal and office library of more than 1,000 volumes. George Knight, Walking with Ellen White (Hagerstown, MD: Review and Herald, 1999), 63. A list of these books is available from the Research Centre.

  • One of Ellen's favourite hymns was "When Peace like a River". She always asked for it when attending Healdsburg Church, Colorodo. Alma McKibbin, My Memories of Sister White (Washington D.C: Ellen G. White Publications, 1956), 18.

  • Radio personality and syndicated columnist Paul Harvey, in his noontime ABC radiobroadcast of September 27, 1997, reported regarding Ellen White: "Her writings have been translated into 148 languages. More than Marx or Tolstoi, more than Agatha Cristhie, more than William Shakespeare. Only now is the world coming to appreciate her recommended prescription for optimum spiritual and physical health. "Ellen White! You don't know her? Get to know her."

  • The EGW-SDA Research Centre has a research document on Charismatic Experiences in the SDA Church: Present and Future. You may purchase it for J$30.00 at the Research Centre.

  • Soon after Ellen White reached Australia, she became ill with neuritis and for nearly a year she suffered a great deal. But she did not become disheartened. During the months that she had suffered, she wrote many chapters of one of her most beautiful books, The Desire of Ages (Adapted from Grace White Jacques, My Special Grandmother in The Youth's Instructor, Dec. 5, 1961.

  • Ellen White's favourite dishes were baked corn souflee, tomatoes and macaroni, and tiny mustard greens cooked.
  • The Research Centre has a research document on Music: Its Role, Qualities, and Influence. You may purchase it for J$140.00.
  • Ellen White’s last known writing is the letter titled “The Victorious Life”. She wrote this letter on June 14, 1914 and you may read it in her book Testimonies to Ministers, 516-520. This letter “is a message overflowing with hope and assurance for Christians.” (Roger Coon, Biographical Background, Nov. 15, 1991).

  • Edson White, Ellen White’s son, “did pioneer evangelistic and educational work among blacks in southern USA. [He] built [the] steamboat “Morning Star”, and floated it to Mississippi River and thence down to State of Mississippi where…he taught blacks to read and write.” (Roger Coon, Biographical Background, Nov. 15, 1991).

  • Traveling by train in Europe, Ellen White had a hilarious experience crossing the border of Germany. Once the train reached the border, all passengers were called to leave the train and go into the customs station. Ellen White was ill, and her Secretary, Sara McEnterfer covered her as she laid in the car. Ellen White recalls: "As I lay covered with shawls and blankets, they evidently suspected that I might be a bundle of dry goods which our party was trying to smuggle into Germany. As the officers again came to the door, flashing the bright light of their lanterns, ... I quickly sat up and said, 'Here I am, gentlemen. Please look and see that I am a living woman.'... They burst into a hearty laugh, said in German, 'A'' Right,' and left us to compose ourselves to sleep again" (Ron Graybill, "Tell Them There is a Great Deal More to Sister White Than Most People Think," Insight, August 14,1973: 24).

  • Ellen White was a lover of animals, Aurthur L. White wrote that "She knew how to feed and treat ... animals with affection .... She abhorred any practice that brought pain or discomfort to animals, and she had firm words of disapproval for anyone who misused a horse or abused a cow" (Ellen G. White the Person, 9).

  • Grace White Jacques, grandaughter of Ellen White, stated that Mrs. White was a buoyant person. " Never did we feel under a strain or stress in her presence. She had deep blue-gray eyes that were kind and alert. She looked at us with love" (My Special Grandmother, 15).

  • "Another time Ellen White recalled when some of the children she was caring for in her home were learning how to knit. One of them asked me, 'Mother, I should like to know whether I am helping you by trying to do this knitting work?' I knew that I had to take out every stitch, but I replied, 'Yes, my child, you are helping me.' Why could I say that they were helping me? - Because they were learning ... Never did I condemn them for their failure. Patiently I taught them until they knew how to knit properly" (George Knight, Walking with Ellen White, 42).

  • This story is recalled by Mabel R. Miller, Great-granddaughter of Ellen G. White: "One morning, my mother helped me pick a handful of our prettiest pansies from our flower garden. Then she let me take them to Grandma Ellen and visit her all by my self.... When Grandma Ellen  saw me her face turned into one big smile. She pushed her flat writing board to the side of her chair and held out her arms. I ran straight into them.... This morning, she hugged me tightly and thanked me as she took the flowers ... She smiled like I had given her the biggest bouquet of flowers from a real flower shop! 'Look at all these smiling pansy faces!' Grandma Ellen said with a laugh. 'That's why pansies are one of my favourite flowers. They make me happy. Look Mable! Every pansy is smiling at you.'
    "She pulled me closer. 'Jesus wants us to me like pansies. He wants us to bring happiness to everyone around us' [said Grandma Ellen].... I have remembered what my Grandma Ellen told me that day. It was more than eighty years ago now, but whenever I see a pansy, I remember to smile" (Mabel R. Miller, Grandma Ellen and Me, pp. 14-17).

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