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Beginning in 1972, Ellen G. White Research Centres have been established around the world—in Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and here in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are both pleased and proud to have one of the nineteen or so Centres located here at NCU. The NCU Centre was opened July 10, 2003 and is meant to serve principally the English- and even French-speaking Sectors of the Inter-American Division (IAD).

The Centre provides ample opportunities for Students, Workers, Church Members and others (including non-SDA’s) throughout the IAD to do serious scholarly work or just to verify a statement or two made by Ellen White during her long and productive prophetic ministry of some 70 years (1844-1915).

There are approximately 50,000 pages of Letters and Manuscripts written by her and a collection of nearly 8,100 Documents. A complete set of her books and out-of-print Pamphlets are also available on CD-ROM. One can also enjoy reading incoming correspondence of Ellen White covering seventy-four years (1830-1904). In addition, there is a Document File which is an extensive and valuable collection of assorted information of articles, clippings, letters, quotations, essays, etc.. These relate to the Spirit of Prophecy, and the History and Doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Visitors are always intrigued with the Question and Answer File which records the thousands of Questions and Answers received and given by the Ellen White Estate based at the General Conference in the USA. Along with VCR Cassettes about the life and work of Ellen White, there is a CD-Rom Database giving access to her complete writings, the SDA Yearbook and early SDA Writings. Works of the Pioneers are also presented on Film strips and Microfiche.

Through a bi-monthly Newsletter, both print and online, the Centre seeks to keep in touch with, and helps to educate its vast and varied Public. We also conduct Church Seminars, organize Spirit of Prophecy Sabbaths/Weekends on the NCU campus and are available for Sabbath and other appointments in local churches, schools, workers’ meetings and at camp meetings.
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